West Palm Beach Trust and Estate Litigation Lawyers

Even if your loved one established an estate plan before he or she passed away, a family dispute may still be unavoidable. There may be claims that a relative used undue influence to increase his or her inheritance. Family members may even claim they were wrongfully disinherited. Estate and trust disputes are fraught with complications and tangled emotions, and can be a source of family disputes that linger for years.

Over 20 Years of Combined Experience Untangling the Complexities of Estate and Trust Disputes

Our attorneys have fought relentlessly to protect the intentions of the individuals who established estate plans. We are highly experienced at advocating for families members questioning the validity of a will or trust. We also have a strong background defending trustees, executors and those with powers of attorney facing litigation.

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Handling All Types of Estate and Trust Litigation Disputes

Losing a loved one in itself can be unimaginable. Mourning the loss of your loved one may be even more difficult, if you are dealing with a family dispute simultaneously. The raw emotions involved can quickly cause issues to escalate. Our attorneys can step in without adding fuel to the fire. We know how to handle highly sensitive disputes based on our comprehensive experience in the following areas:

  • Will contests: Do you believe your loved one lacked the mental capacity to make decisions about his or her estate? Do you have reason to believe someone used undue influence to sway the direction of your loved one's will? Our attorneys have the skills and legal resources to effectively question the validity of a will.
  • Inheritance disputes: Disputes that erupt after a family member passes away can vary greatly based on the dynamics and emotions involved. You may have been disinherited, or maybe an estate-planning document revision is missing, or maybe assets are undervalued or missing. Our lawyers will go the extra mile to help you obtain the inheritance you are owed.
  • Abuse under power of attorney: The person your loved one named as power of attorney was trusted to make sound medical and financial decisions. Unfortunately, individuals in a position of power are known to exploit seniors who are vulnerable. Our lawyers provide unwavering support to clients with power of attorney abuse concerns.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty: Trustees, executors and personal representatives are fiduciaries appointed to manage beneficiaries' financial affairs with the utmost care. If you believe you or someone you love has been wronged by a breach of fiduciary duty, our attorneys can help you take action. We are committed to helping you remove the fiduciary or recovering any mishandled assets.

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No type of estate dispute is too simple or complicated for our attorneys to handle. We have extensive experience handling disputes often complicated by individual interpretations. Our access to industry-leading experts could be invaluable in helping you obtain a favorable resolution.

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