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December 2018 Archives

Divorce, wills and other estate-planning documents

Divorce is a time of many changes for those going through it, whether here in Palm Beach or elsewhere. With numerous tasks to attend to prior to the conclusion of the divorce process, it can be easy to forget that any wills and other estate-planning documents probably require changes. Since no one can predict the future, the sooner these documents are reviewed and appropriately changed, the better.

Do trusts provide advantages that wills don't?

When Palm Beach residents talk to anyone about estate planning, one of the first things they probably hear is that they need a will. While that is good advice, other circumstances involved could require more than just a last will and testament. Trusts have certain benefits that wills cannot provide, and whether to use them depends on the goals and wishes of the individual considering them.

Does your debt die with you?

When drafting a will in Palm Beach, accounting for all of your assets may seem an obvious step. Having a solid plan for the disbursement of your assets after you die should take a relatively high spot on your to-do list.

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