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Are your documents ready for trust and probate administration?

If you created an estate plan, you are well ahead of many Palm Beach residents. You took the time to plan what you want to happen during trust and probate administration after your death. However, depending on what has happened in your life since you created that plan, it may no longer accomplish your goals and make the process easier for those you will leave behind.

Beneficiary designations can affect estate administration

Palm Beach parents do what they can to protect and provide for their children. For those who want to make sure they continue to do so in the event of their death, they may decide to take out a life insurance policy that benefits the children. The way that the beneficiary designation for a policy is done has a profound effect on estate administration if the children are minors when the policyholder passes away.

Probate administration: Make a list and check it twice

When it comes to closing out the estate of a deceased loved one, numerous tasks require the attention of surviving family members. In order to make sure that nothing is missed during the Palm Beach probate administration process, it would probably make sense to make a list and check it often. As tasks are completed, they can be marked off the list.

Were digital assets accounted for in estate-planning documents?

One of the primary duties of a Palm Beach executor is gathering all of the decedent's property. In most cases, he or she can look to the estate-planning documents for clues as to what property there is and where it may be located. However, if a plan fails to include the digital assets, then matters could get more complicated.

The basic progression of formal probate administration

When you accepted the task of serving as executor to your loved one's estate, you may not have fully understood the breadth of the process you would undertake. Now that your loved one has passed away, you may be searching for answers to your questions regarding probate administration here in Palm Beach. Below is a brief synopsis of the progression of this process.

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