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Formal Probate Administration Attorney in Palm Beach Gardens

Your Guide through the Probate Process

In Florida, the value of the estate determines what type of probate process will be used. Formal probate administration must be followed if the value of the estate is greater than $75,000 and the estate has commenced within two years of the decedent's death.

Our Palm Beach Gardens formal probate attorney can help you navigate this complicated process, ensuring that your needs are met and your loved one’s wishes are protected. The Law Office of Nicole C. Morris, P.A. has extensive experience will all kinds of probate matters, so you can count on us to handle your case with care.

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Selecting a Personal Representative of an Estate

As an estate enters probate, there must be a personal representative of the estate. If you live in Florida, you can be a personal representative as long as you do not have a felony conviction. You do not have to be related by blood to the deceased.

If you live outside of Florida, you must be related to the deceased by blood to be a personal representative.

Formal Probate Timeline

The length of the process will depend on factors in your individual case, though you can expect it to last for at least four months. It can take longer if there are complex issues that need to be addressed such as a will contest or creditor claim issue. However, most probate proceedings can be finished quickly once creditors have their required notice.

Our Palm Beach Gardens probate attorney can act as a personal representative or guide the representative through each step of the process, which includes:

  • Opening the estate: Appointing a personal representative, drafting and filing initial pleadings, and publishing a notice to creditors
  • Administering the estate: Filing an inventory, selling assets to pay creditors, and distributing assets to beneficiaries
  • Closing the estate: Filing final federal income taxes and filing waivers and/or a formal accounting seeking to have the personal representative discharged

Our goal is to help you complete probate as quickly and cost-effectively as possible while meeting all of the legal requirements.

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