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3 things to know when contesting a will

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2019 | Wills

When a loved one dies, your first thoughts are usually not about his or her estate. However, as time goes by, you will have to focus on estate matters. If you discover the will he or she left behind does not make sense to you and what you knew about the person, you may wish to go to a Florida court and contest the will.

When contesting a will, Forbes explains that you need to prepare for the court battle. These situations are rarely calm and smooth. If you need to challenge a will, it is usually because someone else feels it is fine as it is. That person will put up a fight to keep the will from changing. If you still wish to go to court, here are three things to keep in mind:

  1. Act fast

Typically, there is a limited time to make decisions and file your case. You may need to do some research beforehand, so you need to move quickly. You have to gather everything you need to determine if this is a good idea to go ahead with. Then, you need to make the right legal moves to get things started.

  1. Prepare emotionally

Contesting a will is a process that people often compare to a roller-coaster ride. You will have many ups and downs, and there will be lies and accusations. The other side may question your character and morals; it is possible to have your name dragged through the mud. Not to mention that you are probably going up against family who you thought loved and respected you. It is a trying situation that you must be ready to handle.

  1. Expect a settlement

Even after all the work and the issues that you go through, the chances are very high that your case will settle out of court. You probably will not get everything you want. However, be ready for this. Have an idea of what you are willing to compromise on.

Contesting a will is a serious process that requires your full commitment. You need to be ready to handle the process and the possible outcomes.