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Seasoned Probate Lawyer Assisting You

Administering an estate or trust is a considerable task, particularly for family members facing grief after the loss of a loved one. A knowledgeable lawyer can be instrumental in guiding you through the various steps of the estate or trust administration process.

At The Law Office of Nicole C. Morris, P.A., our attorney provides over 25 years of combined experience helping families through the probate process. Our overarching goal is to complete the process as cost-effectively as possible. Our services include:

  • Completing an inventory of assets
  • Determining the value of assets
  • Preparing applicable tax returns such as federal estate tax returns, state death tax returns and gift transfer tax returns
  • Advising trustees and fiduciaries as to their legal responsibilities
  • Assisting clients in meeting filing deadlines

Our lawyer handles both formal probate proceedings and summary probate proceedings. Further, if your loved one died without a will, our attorney can navigate the intestate succession process on your behalf.

Our lawyer also represents beneficiaries. Our experience in this field includes negotiating settlements of estates, protecting beneficiaries’ rights and advising in contested matters.

We also serve as personal representatives and trustees, or advise people who are serving in those capacities, for clients across Florida.

Have Questions About Probate In Florida?

Nicole Morris began The Law Office of Nicole C. Morris, P.A., in 2008, with a mission to provide comprehensive estate planning and probate services that people can rely on, coupled with an attorney who respects their emotional needs. She goes above and beyond to deliver extraordinary service to her clients. Whether this means traveling to you or working on weekends, Nicole is always one step ahead.

Below are some questions our clients ask us. The answers below are for your general use. Please keep in mind that any information below may be subject to change based on your individual case. For probate guidance, email our office today.

What Is Probate?

Probate refers to a complex set of laws meant to wrap up the affairs for deceased individuals, including transferring assets to heirs. Formal probate requires a personal representative to distribute the deceased person’s property in accordance with the wishes of the will  – or in accordance with probate laws of Florida for those who have passed away without a will and estate plan previously in place.

Was Your Loved One A Non-Florida Resident?

Ancillary probate administration is the process used when a resident of a state other than Florida dies owning real property in Florida. For example, your loved one may have owned a vacation home, a vacant lot or a time-share in Florida, and probate proceedings may have already commenced in the decedent’s state of residence. In order to pass the Florida real property to the heirs, a Florida probate proceeding must be commenced as well.

Who Will Get My Loved One’s Property?

Probate law works on many of the intuitive principles you expect. When a person passes away with a will, that estate planning document spells out who will receive assets from the estate. In situations where a loved one dies intestate – or without a will – family members are generally the assumed heirs of the estate. The law defines the order of succession, beginning with spouses, other immediate family members and other relatives. The laws outline who are the heirs-at-law when a person passes away without a will. A loved one may have always said that an asset was going to be given to a beloved child, but probate laws may mean that the legal course of action bestows that property upon someone else if there is no estate plan in place. In these cases, probate, while intuitive, can be highly emotional and prone to a legal contest.

My Loved One Had Property In Multiple States. What Do I Do?

This is a very common issue in Florida probate. Each state has different probate laws. You will need to go through probate proceedings both in your loved one’s home state and the state where they have additional property. Our firm offers guidance to individuals managing the logistically and emotionally challenging moments in probate.

Contact The Law Office of Nicole C. Morris, P.A.

Whether or not your loved one had a will, we are here to guide you every step of the way. We understand how to handle probate in Florida and for those who were not Florida residents. You can contact us online or call 561-855-0348 to schedule a consultation.

We are located in Palm Beach Gardens. We serve clients throughout the country who are dealing with Florida probate matters.