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Putting Together The Will That Best Meets Your Needs

For most people, a will is the foundation of their estate plan. Most people know that wills allow you to determine who should receive your assets when you pass away. However, they can do far more than this. They can also name a guardian to make decisions if you become incapacitated, or they can protect assets you want to give to a young or vulnerable beneficiary.

A will gives you control over how your estate is handled. At The Law Office of Nicole C. Morris, P.A., our attorney drafts wills and other estate planning documents, such as trusts, for clients of all incomes and asset levels. We will discuss your wishes and help you draft a will that accomplishes them.

Why You Need A Will

One of the most important reasons to have a will is to decide who should receive your property when you die. Your will also names a trusted person to serve as the administrator of your estate.

If you die without a will in Florida, our state’s laws of intestate succession will determine who receives your assets. This may not be the same person or people you would have chosen. In addition, children will receive their inheritance the day they turn age 18. At that age, they may not be prepared to make good financial decisions.

Additionally, the court will choose your personal representative, which is the person who will take charge of your estate and distribute assets to your beneficiaries. This also may not be the person you would have named. A will ensures that your wishes for these matters are followed.

Naming A Guardian For Minor Children

If you have minor children, your will can also name a guardian for them in the event that you and your spouse both pass away while your children are under the age of 18. While the court will not automatically name the person you select as the guardian of your children, the court will look upon your selection as persuasive as long as the person you name is a fit guardian.

Call Us For An Initial Consultation About Wills

A will is a crucial piece of any estate plan but it must be drafted well to offer comprehensive protection to your estate. Our lawyer offers an initial consultation so we encourage you to schedule an appointment to discuss an estate plan with us. Please contact us online or call 561-855-0348 or email us.

We serve Palm Beach Gardens and all of Palm Beach County with estate planning needs.