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Do You Suspect Someone Is Taking Advantage Of Your Loved One?

As our loved ones age, they can become increasingly susceptible to bad actors, people who want to ingratiate themselves into our loved ones’ lives inappropriately to take advantage of their age and vulnerability. The law refers to this as “undue influence.” If your loved one is the victim of undue influence, you may contest a will or trust resulting from the misconduct.

The Law Office of Nicole C. Morris, P.A., attorney, Nicole C. Morris, is a dedicated and focused probate litigator. Her experience with will and trust law is invaluable. If you are contesting a will because of undue influence, she can guide you and bring a strong legal case before the court. Dial 561-855-0348 to arrange a consultation.

Common Signs Of Undue Influence

Florida estate law uses a series of factors to determine if undue influence is at play. You may have a case for undue influence if:

  • The beneficiary of the estate has isolated your loved one or limited your loved one’s contact with others.
  • Your loved one has substantial mental impairment or is dependent upon the beneficiary for decision-making.
  • The beneficiary is present at any and all conversations about the estate plan or directs conversations about the will.
  • The estate plan is no longer reasonable or has significant and unreasonable changes.

While none of the factors alone are enough to prove that someone is taking advantage of a family member, there may be a reason to investigate more thoroughly. When appropriate, we can also help protect your loved one from continued abuse through appropriate proceedings.

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