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Unwavering Support For Victims Of Fraud

As senior citizens age, they start to rely on neighbors, caregivers and relatives to manage their daily needs. This can unfortunately cause seniors to become vulnerable to elder fraud. Our lawyer at The Law Office of Nicole C. Morris, P.A., understands the deep emotions involved in these cases. It is painful and frustrating to know your loved one was exploited by someone they trusted.

We will examine such questions as:

  • Did the person with power of attorney overstep his or her boundaries?
  • Did he or she make decisions outside of what was defined?
  • Did he or she breach fiduciary duty or was it an innocent mistake?
  • Is there evidence that he or she profited off of your loved one?
  • Did he or she misappropriate or steal assets?

If you believe someone with power of attorney committed fraud or breached his or her fiduciary duty, contact our attorney and we will take swift action.

We will review your loved one’s estate planning documents to understand the responsibilities expected of the person with power of attorney and determine whether they breached that duty.

Let Us Untangle Your Legal Concerns

We are skilled at untangling complex legal issues without heightening emotional tension. Our attorney has over 25 years of combined experience advocating for families facing similar nightmares. Just because your loved one had a power of attorney does not give that person unfettered authority over your loved one’s personal affairs.

If he or she did in fact commit fraud or a breach of duty, we will help you remove the person and re-appoint a trusted individual. If any money was stolen, we will fight relentlessly to help your loved one recover financially, and potentially recover triple the amount of damages under the Civil Theft Statute for you or your loved one.

Experience Matters — Contact Our Attorney Today

You may be reluctant to pursue a claim knowing the high cost of litigation. Our attorney does not want this to be a barrier in securing the justice your loved one deserves. Please email us or call 561-855-0348 to request a consultation and discuss your options.

Our office is in Palm Beach Gardens. We help families around the country who live in Florida or own property here.