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Managing Florida Estates Nationwide Through Ancillary Probate

Over the past few decades, the number of retirees and part-time residents in Florida has skyrocketed. As a result, more and more families are managing estates that cross state lines. Many Florida retirees also maintain property in other states. When this occurs, their loved ones will often need to undergo multiple probate proceedings.

Ancillary probate is a complex process that requires an experienced estate planning and probate lawyer. Attorney Nicole C. Morris has more than 19 years of experience helping Floridians and their loved ones manage difficult probate cases. With her assistance, you can manage the complexities of multi-state probate proceedings. Tell us about your situation.

How The Law Office of Nicole C. Morris, P.A. Resolves Complex Probate Issues

After years of managing estates, our firm can disentangle the complex and sometimes contradictory requirements of cross-state probate management by identifying vital information such as:

  • Is there a will in place and, if so, is the will valid and does that will account for ancillary probate?
  • Who is the executor of the estate and are they also responsible for estate management in the other relevant jurisdiction
  • What logistical management issues, like death certifications and obituary requirements, apply to the estate in each jurisdiction
  • Which debts and liabilities are relevant to the estate and what property is subject to debtors?

State-to-state laws surrounding probate vary. While the underlying principles may be the same, the logistical elements and some legal issues may differ. Our legal team can assist you during estate administration and probate conflicts.

An Attorney You Can Trust And A Plan You Can Follow

Our firm in Palm Beach Gardens focuses solely on estate planning and probate issues. For advice during estate administration, you can speak with our attorney today at 561-855-0348.