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Protecting The Rights Of Vulnerable Beneficiaries

Witnessing a family member’s physical, mental and emotional deterioration due to mental health issues, addiction or another disability is heartbreaking. In the face of a loved one’s problem, our natural instinct is to do everything in our power to help. For family members who struggle with these issues, help can come in the form of placement in a facility or similar program. These situations are further exacerbated when the loved one is also a beneficiary to a trust that enables his or her dysfunction. In these situations, it is vital for families and trustees to work with an attorney who understands the sensitive dynamics involved in these matters.

Experience To Help You Make Difficult Decisions

At The Law Office of Nicole C. Morris, P.A., our West Palm Beach law firm represents families and trustees throughout South Florida who are concerned that a beneficiary has mental health issues, disabilities or substance abuse problems. We provide the full range of trust administration and estate planning services, and we bring significant experience and guidance to this field of the law.

When a beneficiary suffers from addiction, mental health problems or a disability, we recognize the necessity of balancing the concern for that loved one with the trustee’s duties under law. We know that families want their loved one to receive the care that he or she needs. Our attorney also understands that each trustee has the duty to distribute trust assets to beneficiaries in the manner set forth by the settlor of the trust.

In this delicate area of law, there is simply no substitute for a lawyer with direct experience in handling these issues. We have represented many families and trustees who need skilled legal counsel to manage these challenging situations. Our lawyer will provide you with your full range of options, including the possibility of Marchman Act proceedings for individuals with substance abuse problems, and Baker Act proceedings for people with mental health issues. Once we have decided on a course of action, we will act effectively and decisively to achieve the best possible outcome under the circumstances.

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