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Changing Your Estate Plan To Fit Your Needs

Many individuals come to our office because their existing estate plan no longer suits their life circumstances or wishes. Updating your estate plan requires a comprehensive approach and a thorough eye. Our attorney, Nicole C. Morris, is highly experienced. Her focus is exclusively on estate planning. As a result, she is an ideal resource for individuals modifying their estate plan.

The Law Office of Nicole C. Morris, P.A., is a full-service Florida estate planning law firm. We work with a variety of individuals, including part-time residents, to create an effective estate plan. Contact our office at 561-855-0348.

When Is An Estate Plan Modification Appropriate?

There are many reasons people seek to change their estate plan. Our firm regularly helps adjust existing estate plans to accommodate:

  • Divorce and other legal status changes
  • Children who are no longer minors
  • Financial investment or retirement savings changes
  • New, existing or closed businesses

Estate planning is a detailed and on-going process. Ensure that your plan reflects your life. For an estate plan that stays up-to-date with your life, contact The Law Office of Nicole C. Morris, P.A. Our estate planning attorney can review your case and help you make a plan that works.

Schedule Your Appointment

Our office in Palm Beach serves a full range of estate planning needs. Our attorney is known for her skilled representation and highly personal approach. Our work is simple: Listen to what you need, then find a solution that works for you. Schedule an appointment at our office by phone or by emailing our firm today.