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Understanding The Role Of Mental Capacity In Estate Planning

Aging is not an easy process. For many families, the mental toll aging takes – especially for families struggling with a loved one’s mental decline – is one of the most difficult challenges families face. Whether your loved one is facing dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or simply aging, it impacts their ability to make wise choices for themselves and can mean they are no longer able to provide for themselves. Mental capacity plays a significant role in how the legal system works.

Based in Palm Beach, The Law Office of Nicole C. Morris, P.A., offers a full range of estate planning services. We believe that quality estate planning services should protect the elderly and vulnerable. You can reach our office today at 561-855-0348.

Evaluating Mental Capacity For Legal Decision-Making

The law is very strict about who is and who is not able to make decisions for themselves. In general, it presumes that adults are capable of making legal decisions unless credible evidence is presented to the contrary. A person who is suffering from dementia or another form of mental incapacitation is in an extremely vulnerable position. Unfortunately, there are people who will use this vulnerability to influence or otherwise manipulate them.

A mentally capable person understands their actions, the full range of their estate, the relevant parties to their estate and how they wish to distribute their estate. Attorney Nicole C. Morris can help you evaluate capacity and can help identify the best ways to protect your loved one.

Contacting Our Firm

We understand that evaluating mental capacity is a stressful and often contentious issue. Our firm helps you manage the legal issues in a delicate and compassionate way. Send us an email to tell us about your case.