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Depression and estate planning

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2020 | Estate Planning

Those who struggle with depression often face many challenges in life, whether they experience issues in their personal relationships or have difficulty holding a job due to their emotional hardships. Our law firm realizes that for people who are depressed, estate planning is often an especially demanding process. However, it is smart for people to set up an estate plan regardless of their emotional state. 

In fact, estate planning is often beneficial for those who have depression and other emotional hurdles to work through. However, it is vital for people struggling with these issues to carefully work through the estate planning process. 

The emotional benefits of an estate plan 

There are various benefits associated with having an estate plan in place. Not only do wills and trusts protect one’s assets and ensure that the estate is distributed appropriately in the wake of their passing, but estate plans also provide peace of mind. For example, some people become anxious or depressed about their future and having an estate plan eliminates their worries and offers confidence. 

Finding time and energy to create an estate plan 

Those struggling with depression often struggle with finding the energy to get through the day or even get out of bed. However, it is critical to devote one’s energy to the estate planning process and set aside enough time to work through these matters efficiently. For some people, this means taking a break from work or making other temporary changes to focus on the estate planning process. Our blog covers other legal matters related to creating an estate plan.