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Is this a red flag for undue influence?

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2020 | Probate Litigation

Florida law defines estate planning and management in detail. The aim is to allow for estate planning to go over smoothly with the loved ones of the deceased. In many cases, it works as intended.

But there are still instances where people find a way to manipulate the system. This could be where you can find signs of undue influence.

What is the goal of manipulators exerting undue influence?

The American Bar Association defines undue influence as a risky situation. It involves a manipulator and victim. In the specific case of estate planning, the goal of the manipulator is often to get an estate plan or will changed to benefit them. This usually means they want to have their name (or the name of someone close to them) added as a beneficiary. They may even want other beneficiaries removed.

What manipulation tactics are most common?

Keep an eye out for sudden changes to the list of beneficiaries first and foremost. This is often the most obvious red flag, though you will often spot other signs before this happens. For one, the manipulating party may try to exert more control than necessary over the victim’s life. They may control the victim’s schedules. This includes handling medical appointments or when and where they take medications. In extreme cases, they may even seek to control as many aspects of the victim’s finances as possible.

Also, they will often seek to isolate their victim, cutting them off from external resources and help. This helps the manipulator gain a more sure-footed control over the victim and their situation. If you notice that it has suddenly become very difficult to visit your loved one, it may be a sign that they are in isolation.