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Reducing the pressure of discussing an estate plan

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2019 | Estate Planning

While estate planning is absolutely an important topic for families in Florida to discuss, it is also one that can be challenging to talk about because of its sensitivity. While planning an estate means coordinating beneficiaries and delegating tasks for the execution of the plan, for many families, estate planning also means talking about death, end-of-life wishes and what will happen when incapacitation prevents people from making their own decisions. 

Because discussing topics related to a death can be difficult for many people, it is critical that families approach their concerns about coordinating an estate plan with sensitivity, respect and patience. The best time to begin discussions is well in advance of the time when people will need an estate plan. The more serious a person’s situation is, the more stressful it may be for him or her to make crucial decisions about their future. 

According to, experts recommend that people with aging parents who are concerned about the effort that has been made toward estate planning follow a couple of important suggestions in their quest to discuss the topic. People should listen carefully to their elderly parents and empathize with them. These compassionate behaviors will provide validation for their parents and may help their parents to be more open to the idea of planning critical aspects of their estate plan. 

Fidelity reminds families of the importance of being sincere in their approach to bringing up the topic of estate planning. Their effort to be genuine and show their concern about making their family member’s wishes a reality can help to set the tone for a productive and civil discussion. Pointing out the benefits for each of the parties involved is another effective way that people can involve their family and maintain everyone’s interest in planning the future.