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Common estate administration mistakes

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2020 | Trust And Probate Administration

As the executor of an estate, you have many important duties that you must carry out and a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. The person who put you in charge put a lot of faith in you to properly manage the estate. This means you will want to do everything correctly and avoid mistakes.

According to Forbes, mistakes in the estate administration process can lead to serious consequences, such as increased taxes and litigation. You could even lose some of the estate money if you are not careful. Mismanaging an estate could also result in criminal issues for you. So, it is essential to avoid problems and to make the right decisions as you work through the administration process.

Mistakes to avoid

If the estate includes stocks, you need to stay on top of them. Make sure you do not miss an opportunity to make more money or to avoid a loss.

It is also important that you advertise the estate according to the law. This allows you to alert creditors, which is a legal requirement. Creditors have the right to make a claim against the estate, which is why you must do everything possible to let them know.

You also have the job of distributing assets, but avoid the common mistake of doing it too soon. Make sure to clear all the liabilities first so you do not owe money from an estate without the funds to pay.

Once you have managed everything with the estate, you need to close the estate properly. You need to go through the proper channels and ensure you tie up all legal matters.

Making a mistake with estate administration may sometimes be a minor issue, but the potential for huge problems makes it well worth being aware of common missteps. You want to make sure you handle the estate with professionalism and a focus on details so you can properly carry out the wishes of the deceased.