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Contingency-Based Litigation In West Palm Beach And Palm Beach Gardens

Financial concerns often outweigh other reasons clients shy away from litigation. Attorney Nicole C. Morris understands the staggering cost of litigation can be a deterrent, no matter how much resources you have. However, she doesn’t want financial apprehensions to prevent you from pursuing a legitimate claim in trust litigation or estate litigation.

Offering Contingency Fees In Estate And Trust Litigation

If you believe you or your loved one was legally wronged, contact West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens attorney Nicole Morris to learn about her fee structure. Depending on the circumstances involved, she may be able to handle your case on a contingency fee basis.

If We Do Not Win, We Will Not Charge Attorney’s Fees

Contingency-based litigation would allow you to pursue an estate or trust litigation claim without paying anything upfront. Accordingly, you would face no financial risk. Estate and trust litigation lawyer Nicole Morris would cover all costs associated with the litigation.

You would only owe legal fees, if attorney Nicole Morris is successful in obtaining a settlement or a favorable verdict. During an initial consultation, Nicole Morris can help you understand if your case can be handled on a contingency fee basis.